About Us


Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC is a Full-Service Architectural Firm located in Louisville, Kentucky.  The firm was formed in March of 1991, in response to requests by potential clients desiring a more direct relationship with Charles J. Keyes III, who, at that time, was an associate partner in a medium-sized architectural firm.

In our twenty-nine+ (29+) years of business, we have completed or initiated work on over 3,800 projects, ranging in construction cost from $15,000.00 to $14,800,000.00.

The firm has completed several projects with a total construction cost well over $450,000,000

Current projects under construction have a total construction cost of over $15,000,000

We have commitments with multiple clients for multiple projects per year, through the year 2025.


Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC was established on the philosophy and goals of Charles J. Keyes III.  We strive to match the level of our involvement to the needs of our clients.  Some clients or projects need our input only as consultants for specific parts of a facility while others require complete architectural services, starting with the project space programming and continuing through construction administration.  By being flexible in our involvement as requested by the client, Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC is able to become involved in any project without requiring the client to incur the costs for full architectural services on every project.

Our projects range from helping small contractors develop economical house-framing layouts to multimillion-dollar commercial facilities in numerous states.

Our goals are to provide the best possible architectural services per client dollar spent, to provide a positive working environment for growth and personal development and, of course, to provide for the monetary needs of the firm’s employees.