Because of the diversity and scale of Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC project and client base, we have developed separate descriptive lists for various building types.  These are shown below and we normally include specific relevant lists with each resume.  If other client project lists are desired or another building type is needed, please call.  We can email information or please visit our website at  Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC has descriptive project lists of the following:

  • ADAAG Consulting
  • Car Dealership/Vehicle Service Projects
  • Educational / Daycare / Community Projects
  • Emergency Service Projects
  • Entertainment Industry (Cinemas, Gymnasiums, Amusement Parks)
  • Governmental Facilities
  • Historical Rehabilitation
  • Hospitality / Hotels
  • Industrial Projects
  • Master-plan Consulting
  • Medical / Laboratory Projects
  • Multi-Family Apartments / Condominiums
  • Office / Warehouse Projects
  • Religious Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Restaurant Projects
  • Retail Projects

Although most of the projects of Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC are individual buildings directly for owners, we also have on-going relationships with several well-known regional and national corporations.  In the 1990’s, Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC designed numerous facilities for the ChemCentral Corporation in several states.  We have on-going relationships with two nationwide restaurant chains for ADAAG Code consulting, renovation, new, and addition projects.  We have completed four renovation projects for the United Defense Corporation.  Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC continually searches for new corporate entities with whom to become associated.  On a regional basis, we have several on-going relationships with commercial developers and real estate firms.  Through our association with the fire services of this area, we are continually designing, upgrading, or renovating emergency service facilities.  The numerous religious projects that we are involved in are usually developed through a building committee that investigates our past projects and ask us to submit a proposal.  Some of these projects may have several buildings with renovations in a complex or may be small independent groups that desire a new building.  We have completed several entertainment projects such as cinemas and amusement park projects.


Keyes Architects & Associates, PLLC forms associations, engages consultants or acts as a consultant as determined by the needs of individual projects.  We can include standard architectural services, turnkey projects, construction management projects, design/build relationships or act simply as a consultant to help on individual items of a project.  Some of our current professional relationships are:

  • Jim Forst Engineering – Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • E.C. Engineering – Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Blomquist Design Group – Civil Engineering
  • LJB, Inc. – Civil Engineering & Land Surveyor
  • Kapur, Inc. – Civil Engineering & Aerial Topography
  • Cardinal Planning & Design – Surveying & Civil Engineering
  • Horizon Engineering – Surveying & Civil Engineering
  • Richard Barrios, Engineer – Structural Engineering
  • Greenbaum Engineering – Geotechnical & Structural Engineering
  • Evergreen Environmental Group – Environmental Assessments & Remediation
  • L.H.I., Inc. – Lighting Design